Major Issues in Indian Administration

Unit 1- Debates on Justice : Distributive Justice : John Rawls, Justice as entitlement : Robert Nozick,
Feminist Concept of Justice : Susan Muller Okin, Globle Justice
Debate on Equality – Equality of opportunity , Resource, Capabilities, Welfare: Brute Luke’s
Debates on Liberty – Positive and Negative liberty – J. S. Mill & Isaiah Berlin
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Unit 2-State: Neo- Liberal & Neo- Marxist perspectives. Globalization and State. 2. Civil Society – Social Capital and civil society, democratic tradition global civil Society 3. Citizenship : Citizenship in the age of Globalization, T. H. Marshall’s Welfare Rights version of citizenshipView Link
Unit 3- Power : Transitive & Intra- Transitive power, Changing Decision of power, Globalization of power
Legitimacy : Legitimacy & Consent theory of Legitimacy, Liberal theory, Discourse theory and
Agonal theory
Obligation : Basis of Political obligation, Types of Obligation – Legal and Moral
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Unit 4- Political alienation – Marxism perception of alienation, Seeman’s Referents of Alienation, Mass
Society & alienation
Political Resistance : Theories of Resistance – D. Henry David Thoreau, Gandhi and Foucault
Revolution: Theories of revolution – James Davies and Theda Skocpol’s Cultural Revolution.
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