C++Programming lab

Unit 1-a] To generate the Fibonacci series up to the given limit N and also print the number of elements in the series
b] Find the GCD of 2 integer numbers
c] Write a function to calculate factorial of a given number
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Unit 2- To find minimum and maximum of N numbersView Link
Unit 3- Find all the roots of a quadratic equation Ax2
Bx + C = 0 for non – zero coefficients: A, B and C. Else report error.
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Unit 4-Calculate the value of sin (x) and cos (x) using the series.
i] to a given accuracy ii] using n terms.
Also print sin (x) and cos (x) value using library function
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Unit 5- To generate and print prime numbers and perfect dividing numbers up to an integer N. Print also the number of prime and perfect dividing numbers in the series.View Link

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