Plant Pathology Phytogeography and Evolution Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

Unit 1- Introduction, scope and significance of plant pathology, significant
contributions of plant pathologists
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Unit 2- Pathogenesis: penetrationView Link
Unit 3- Detection and diagnosis of plant pathogenesis- IntroductionView Link
Unit 4- Mycoparasitism of soil borne plant pathogensView Link
Unit 1-Phytogeographical regions of the WorldView Link
Unit 2-Plant Distribution: Continuous, discontinuous, Centre of origin
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Unit 3-Darwin and origin of species, models of speciationView Link
Unit 4-Evolution of sex in plants-Asexual reproduction, originView Link
Unit 1-Biostatistics -Introduction and scope of BiostatisticsView Link
Unit 2-Probability and Probability distribution: Binomial, Poisson and
normal distribution
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Unit 3-Computer application: Knowledge of computer systems, hardware
and software
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Unit 4-Biological Databases, Bioinformatics toolsView Link

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